Flags for VE Day 75 - 8th May 2020

31st Jan 2020

Flags for VE Day 75 - 8th May 2020

Union Jack Desk Flag

Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day, commemorates 8th May 1945, the date that war in Europe finally ended. That day, millions of people throughout the UK took to the streets with Union flags and red white and blue bunting, as peace in Europe arrived.

8th May 2020 will mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and it’s expected that the Union Jacks and the bunting will be on display across Britain as the nation once again takes to the streets, pubs and village halls, with 3 days of street parties and events across the UK.

Union Jack Flag

The early May bank holiday is usually on a Monday, but will be moved to Friday 8th, with extended licensing hours for pubs, to start a 3-day weekend of VE Day 75 events.

We anticipate a surge in demand for large and small Union Jack flags as customers buy for VE Day celebrations, and VE Day 75 event organisers create displays for the big day. 

We have British flag bunting for sale in a range of sizes and lengths suitable for any VE Day street parties, and for decorating pubs, clubs and schools.