World Day Of Prayer 5th March 2021 - Vanuatu

World Day Of Prayer 5th March 2021 - Vanuatu

Posted by Samuel Kavanagh on 10th Feb 2021

World Day of Prayer dates back over 100 years when Christian women began a variety of cooperative activities to support women’s involvement in Christian mission around the world.

Each year The World Day of Prayer follows a special theme. The nation for 2021 is Vanuatu, with a theme entitled ‘Build on a Strong Foundation’. A committee for that country creates the order of service for the theme which is then celebrated around the world on the first Friday in March. It begins in Samoa and travels across 170 countries through Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas before finishing in American Samoa some 39 hours later.

Vanuatu Desk Flag

Many customers of the Flag and Bunting Store buy flags for World Day Vanuatu Flagof Prayer each year online and the flag of Vanuatu is proving very popular already this year. 

Our Vanuatu flags are great to buy for displays and come in various sizes, together with Vanuatu waving flags and table flags. Vanuatu table flags are a fabulous addition to church flower arrangements! Alternatively, use our desk flag base to stand them on tables!

The Vanuatu flag was adopted in 1980. The lower portion is green to represent the richness of the beautiful South Pacific islands, whilst the upper part is red symbolising the blood of wild boars and men. The country is made up of a Y-shaped archipelago which is represented by a yellow Y-shape on the Vanuatu flag and signifies the light of the gospel shining through. The black triangle is for the Ni-Vanuatu people and the emblem is a boar’s tusk for prosperity. Finally inside the curve of the tusk are crossed leaves of the namele tree signifying peace.

Fabric Vanuatu bunting is available to buy in 6m lengths and features rows of Vanuatu flags. It looks very effective across church halls and entrance ways.