Buy Union Jack flags and bunting for your event online now. Union Jacks are ideal for flag poles, pubs, clubs, schools and any Royal event or celebration. We have Union flags to buy in a variety of sizes; large 5ft x 3ft Union Jacks, 3ft x 2ft Union Flags, British hand wavers, table and desk flags as well as Union Jack flag bunting. 

Historically the terms Union Jack and Union Flag have both been used for describing the national flag of the United Kingdom, which was known as ‘the British flag’ or ‘the flag of Britain’ when first introduced in 1606. The idea that the Union Flag should only be described as the Union Jack when flown in the bows of a warship is a relatively recent concept. In 1908 it was given parliamentary approval that “the Union Jack should be regarded as the National flag” of the United Kingdom. 

Our fabric Union Jack British flags are for sale with two eyelets for hanging or flying, or with a sleeve and stick for waving or displaying as desk flag. Our British bunting is made from fabric and has Union Jack flags sewn to a strong line to buy online in 6 metre and 9 metre lengths. 

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